Sep 12, 2011

Camping: Part 2

Our campsite
 We wanted to go to a "real beach" so we found one on our drive home. It was beautiful, but we also noticed a sign at the entrance that said something about the tide being deadly. Thinking they made the sign as liability for all the idiots trying to swim too far out, we kept walking toward the water. That's when David Hasselhoff showed up. We watched him repeat his warning to those daring to put their toes in the water up and down the beach. We did, however, get to see a very cool group of harbor seals (mommies and babies).

Day at the beach

Annual Camping Trip: Summer 2011, Salt Point State Park

The girls spent 90% of their time collecting "wheat" seeds.
Awww...our sweet family, and what a view!

Picnic time

Hiking! Yes, Lily's first real hiking. She was such a trooper!

Jun 28, 2011

Preschool Graduation - One VERY special night!

Lily finished up her 1st year of preschool with a BIG celebration with her classmates. SO much fun!! Next year we promise to invite grandparents to join us!!

Lily Turns 4!

Another year bigger, another day full of fun with friends and family. Lily asked for a "repeat" of last year's princess party. are the highlights!

Jun 14, 2011

2nd Haircut Ever!

Lily's hair was getting pretty long...and the weather was turning HOT, so...

Lily got a haircut from Dad's haircut lady! It didn't seem like she was taking this much off, but when it got wet, it got really wavy and shortened up even more. Perfect for the Summer!

May 3, 2011

Spring School Fun

Leprechaun hunt, where is that little green guy? And exactly how will this magnifying glass help me find him? Are leprechauns that small? Maybe she'll be a researcher like mommy :)


I've never seen this amount of concentration at home!


Should I be making this big of a mess?

Easter Bunny (notice her and her best friend Aubo are wearing the SAME dress!

...and why, oh why, can't my mom get this silly blog to post my pics in an organized fashion????

Feb 5, 2011

Annual Snow Trip

Lily was a little shy with the sled this year ('s been like that every year!) WE had fun sledding though! Her favorite part? Ice skating with Dad on a nearby stream. It was a beautiful sunny day and a nice drive to the snow. We warmed up afterwards with hot chocolate in the car...YUM!

Dancing queen

Lily LOVES to dance, especially in front of a mirror. This video is Lily at Gigi & Papa's shakin' her booty. (Gigi is shaking hers in the background too). I think many of her moves stem from Joe's school of professional dance (their specialty is hip hop & break dancing).

Nov 25, 2010

Why I love Fall...

Trick-or-treating. This year I was Kiki from the Fresh Beat Band. I play the guitar and dance pretty awesome!

Dressing Up! This is my made my hoodie (actually she just cut the arms off of a sweatshirt we bought at the thrift store :)

Getting into character...

Pumkin cookie party!

Decorating pumpkins...

Field trips to the pumpkin patch with my preschool. Aubo is still my fave friend to hang with.

My preschool pals.

Mom and Dad got to come on our fieldtrip too!

Sep 26, 2010


Every year we meet Joe's grandparents for the Vacaville Jazz Festival. Here are some pics of the annual icecream feast at Fenton's that follows the music. This has been a tradition for 4 years! The 1st time we all went Lily was just 4 mos. old. This year we watched a military big band. They were great and ended with the most amazing rendition of American the Beautiful I've ever heard.

Lily AFTER icecream. She just crawled under our table and layed down.

Here are the 1st day of school pics I promised. Look at that BIG girl!

What a poser! Remind you of another Goldbronn?

I think this bathing suit has seen it's last Summer, though Lily still loves to wear it. Her little pot belly is so sweet.

Sep 16, 2010

Lily's 1st Days of Preschool!!

Lily started preschool last week! There are 11 3-year-olds in her class. I've probably been more nervous about the whole thing than she has. She has been nothing but excited to go each day. This is the outfit she picked out at Target for her 1st day of school. Note: she has worn it every day since -"Mom, I have to wear my school outfit." I have better pics of her whole outfit with her new backpack...but Joe hasn't emailed them to me I'll post those later.

Lily, her friend Aubo and another friend (Lily won't tell me her name) outside the fire station.

The whole class outside the fire station. Don't they look cute in their little school shirts!

There's Lily and Joe and the rest of the group listening to the fireman talk about safety and such. I wonder if Joe had more fun than Lily? Here you can see her braid; she asks for me to braid her hair every school day.

The whole class on the fire engine. Lily had a lot of fun, except when the fireman put his mask on. Joe said one of the kids cried and then she got pretty nervous.

Vacation photo montage...testing this out